Our repertory contains a wide range of the rhythms and traditional dances, trying to show in our performances the different interpretative streams tha we have in the Galician region; from the easiest choreographies to the most difficult ones, going through the most firmly rooted movements, as wheels and boards are.
"Muiñeira", "Muiñeira de ruedas", "Muiñeira para Navia", "Muiñeira de Serán", "Muiñeira de Guía", "Muiñeira Lenta", "Muiñeira-jota", "Jota de aspas", "Jota Nova", "Jota de Serán", "Jota", "Foliada", "Fandango", "Ribeirana", "Pandeiro", "Panderetada", "Patelas", "Vals", "Pasodoble", etc.