Corisco has since 1996 a group of "pandereteiras" (tambouriners) of our own that is composed of girls who learn to play the "pandereta", although they also know how to play many other traditional instruments, such as the pandeiro, the can, shells, sickles, "sachos", pine cones...
The repertory of this tambouriners group has more than 40 songs that we have learned from our elders, such as "muiñeiras", "pasodobles", "cantos de reis"... They also are accompanied by the bagpipe in some of their songs.
The number of members of this tambourine group oscillates from 10 to 20 depending on the period of the year in which we are.
This association has a group of bagpipes as well, which accompanies us in our performances, and that, apart from the different compositions this group uses for the different dances, it has a repertory of its own to offer solo concerts.