Corisco is an Association established on July 1987, with the objective of giving light to the anxieties of its founders, who were propelled by Pablo Gonzalez, with the aim of enjoying what he does and to exalt Galician folklore to all its extent.
Corisco has two main branches: dance and percussion. The core of this Association is Pablo Gonzalez, but it's the dancing group its engine, its lung. The dancing group is formed by about 35 people; without them Corisco would be nothing. This dancing group performs depending on the specific characteristics of the place in which it has its performances, with a number of mixed couples which oscillates between 5 and 8, and it struggles to reflect the trainning and investigations about our folklore during the year in each performance.

How is Corisco?
Corisco is a group of friends who has in common the same wish, which is to enjoy dance, music and everything that has to do with Galician folklore. Besides, after burning up our spare time in something so nice, we try to make our final production on the stage as worthy as possible, and, at the same time, to be to the liking of all of the people who enjoy our performances.

Where does Corisco go?
Corisco will go in the direction we lead it and in the direction you allow us with your clappings and critics, without weakening and having as much fun as possible, because that is our aim.